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Thursday, September 8, 2011

WWSD (What Would Spock Do)

It’s morning and mornings are good; a Hersheys and Diet Coke set the day off right.  Wondering how office workers filled down time before everyone had computers.  I guess everybody spent their day selling, purchasing, building, or designing stuff.  Offices must have been really productive.  No, now I remember, people used to park it in someone else’s cube and drone on and on until a saving phone call would come to the rescue. 

 Anyway, in the on-line news, the big anniversary of 9/11 is upon us.  A very historic and sad day, blah blah blah.  But here’s my politically incorrect contribution:  The 9/11 victims are dead.  Why did the nation feel the need to redirect so much financial charity to the relatives?  Fraudulent collections aside (which the AP has documented here
), between what the government gave and people gave it worked out to millions of dollars per victim.  Many of the people that died were well insured and even wealthy to begin with.  Is a financial windfall supposed to make the survivors feel better?  Why is this different than other losses – is anything sadder than the parent who loses a child to cancer?  Why isn’t society providing a financial windfall for people who take a statistical bullet for the rest of us like this person.

I don’t get it.  Can’t logic and emotion co-exist?  If there is a world-wide tragedy of such a scope that you can text in your donation, think about it.  If you feel like giving, it won’t be hard to find a cause that’s being neglected by the millions watching TV who are imagining their impromptu contributions alleviating the pain they are seeing.  

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